Bad credit personal loan lenders -How do I get a personal loan with bad credit

The request for a personal loan, by now, has become a custom and many more people turn to credit institutions, both to receive a finalized loan, and not.
We should not be surprised if, sometimes, financial institutions do not grant a loan, as precise rules and strict selection criteria are used by the banks.

Much of the creditworthiness of the customer affects the acceptance or not of the loan: the banks, in fact, before providing a loan, thoroughly investigate the bank history of the applicant, as well as on the relationship between the income of the customer and the amount to be paid.

In this way, the funding body manages to protect itself from the possible risks of insolvency.
Therefore, asking for a loan or obtaining it can be very difficult; sometimes, in fact, it happens that the denial of a loan depends on the little or little information about it.

To avoid unpleasant situations, therefore, it is necessary to follow a few simple steps; in practice, below we will try to answer the following question:

How do I get a personal loan with bad credit?

How do you need to be before and after the request of a personal loan?

The financial market offers a subdivision into two macro categories, namely the following:

  • targeted loans;
  • personal loans.

While the former are indicated when proceeding with the purchase of goods or services, the latter, instead, are payment formulas for which no purpose is required, regardless of the intended use.
Personal loans are motivated by the real need of consumers, who can decide to apply to credit institutions, both for minimum amounts, as in the case where it is necessary to deal with an unplanned share, such as, for example, a medical expense, both for higher amounts, linked to personal reasons, as in the case of building a house.

Nowadays, the methods of requesting a personal loan have multiplied, as the financial instruments have opened up to new communication channels, first of all the web.

Nowadays, therefore, it is no longer necessary to go to the offices of the financial institutions but just connect to our website and with a few clicks you can request a personal loan with bad credit.

The process to be followed, then, will be to provide or enter (if you work via web) all the data requested, in addition to present the necessary documents and then wait for the response.
For more information on the timing and methods used by a bank to evaluate a loan request, it is advisable to read the specific article in this guide.


In order to provide all the tools necessary for applying for a loan, below, a list of all useful tips is given, to be followed, so that the request for a loan is accepted.

TIP No.1: Do not request a personal loan multiple at the same time.

The funding bodies do not like the fact that a customer may have applied for more personal loans in the same period: in this case, in fact, the request is immediately refused.
The loan request remains in the databases for 6 months, due to the precise preliminary investigation requirements of the institution to which it is addressed.

COUNCIL # 2: Folllowing a negative responsibility for the loan distribution.

The lenders, before granting a loan, carry out a specific search within the databases, also viewing the requests that were previously refused.
If a bank were to find the presence of requests denied by other institutions, automatically, it would also be inclined to refuse the same requests.

The databases, in fact, as it is already known, keep the information for about a month (after which it is automatically deleted) and this causes the impossibility of requesting a loan for the 30/40 following the date of denial.

In this period, therefore, it is useless to apply for a loan, as, many times it is the same automatic system that declines the personal loan.

TIP No.3: When can you recover the release?

In the case of a personal loan, you can request the release in the following two cases:

  • when the outcome of the loan request is positive, but it is decided to postpone the disbursement
  • when withdrawing the loan request before obtaining the outcome.

Only in these two previous cases, the other credit institutions can safely evaluate the request for financing submitted.

TIP No. 4: In what cases can the guarantee’s figure be useful?

Contacting a guarantor can be useful if the following cases occur:

  • a request was made for a large amount, over $ 15,000;
  • the applicant has a weak profile, for example a low income, a recent hiring, a medium / high income but burdened by various financial commitments, a term work contract.

COUNCIL No. 5: What are the requirements for the guarantee?

If one were “obliged” to present at his request for financing through a guarantor, then, it is necessary that he has precise requirements, or the following:

  • does not have ongoing funding;
  • receive a good monthly income;
  • has never had payment delays;
  • is bound by a family relationship with the principal applicant.

This last point is not considered fundamental, however, it helps to increase the credit scoring of the personal loan request.

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