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The credit online with immediate approval is being awarded by more and more German providers, because more and more consumers do not want to wait long for the processing of a loan request. Not only the interest rate counts today, but also the swift granting of loans. This is only possible through the loan online with instant confirmation.

Banks use the loan online with instant confirmation

Banks use the loan online with instant confirmation


For the banks, the loan online with instant confirmation is an important marketing tool, since it binds the customers to the respective bank, which was able to do so quickly and generously. Therefore, direct banks give their customers the promise via the Internet immediately. This is in keeping with the promise that the loan will be granted uncomplicatedly, on favorable terms and, above all, very quickly.

In order to give the immediate promise, the information in the self-report is used as the basis for a credit decision. The creditworthiness is determined from what the applicant has entered in the bank’s online form. If sufficient creditworthiness results from this information, a loan offer is created, the terms of which are tailored to the borrower. In a second step follows the examination of the documents, no bank can do without this.

Either the borrower prints the application immediately online or receives it by mail from the bank. The required salary or other proofs of income are sent by post to the bank, whereby the applicant identifies himself at a post office by post-identification procedure. Nevertheless, there is an online commitment in advance. If the information in the online form corresponds to the facts and the bank then approves the loan, it generally does not refuse it after the documents have been sent. Although the online commitment is not yet a contract and therefore not binding, but with really consistent information, the applicant is more or less protected from surprises. No bank wants unnecessary effort. The bank’s internal computer programs use the online form to determine whether a loan can be granted to the applicant on what terms.

Details of the loan online with instant confirmation

Details of the loan online with instant confirmation

The personal details of the borrower are required, as well as the profession, the employer, any probationary period, income, marital status and any other obligations. What does not yet exist is an anonymized input of all these values, although that would be desirable. The bank uses the details to verify the creditworthiness of the applicant, it also uses its address to check any credit entries. Also, an e-mail address is usually desired for the personal communication of the bank with the customer. Ultimately, this increases comfort for the applicant.

In general, the applicant can assume that in the case of an on-line loan with immediate approval, no bank misuses its data with its data. First, consumers are covered by extensive data protection laws, second, such cases are not known. So you do not have to worry about entering your details on the online form. Ultimately, the loan online with immediate commitment also depends heavily on the cooperation of the applicant.

It is possible that the bank may require additional collateral and / or guarantees in one case or another.

In this case, it should be considered whether they can be asked, if not, the loan request can also be adjusted. Here, the banks are usually very flexible and also offer a possible loan amount of their own accord. This may be in the individual case below the applicant’s loan request, but this is the credit online with immediate approval only possible.

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