Save thousands with the right credit card

Sometimes the need for something new may arise before we have been able to save the money. But with the right credit card you can turn when you need it – and save thousands of dollars on your purchase.

For example, if you need to refurbish your home or go shopping for interiors and larger items such as sofa, bed or appliances, you may not always have the time and opportunity to spin and save ahead of time. If you choose to use the right credit card, you may receive several benefits you may not have been aware of.

Fastpay Mastercard is a brand new type of card that gives you one of the market’s lowest interest rates of 14.9%. Unlike other credit cards, the Fastpay card does not have an interest-free period at the beginning, but in return a much lower interest rate. This makes Fastpay Mastercard the best credit card for you who can’t pay the full amount already next month, but need a little longer on the credit card bill.  


This way you can save thousands of dollars with Fastpay Mastercard

This way you can save thousands of dollars with Fastpay Mastercard

But how can you save money by using a credit card? Imagine the following scenario: The dining room you wanted is suddenly on sale, but you can’t afford it right then and there. You are therefore waiting to shop and start saving, but when the money is finally saved, the offer is over and you have to buy the products at full price. With Fastpay Mastercard you can bet on the good deal – and still save thousands of dollars compared to buying the dining room at full price.

How much you can save with the Fastpay card will depend on the full price and discount on what you are buying, as well as the length of the down payment period you choose. For example, the calculation may look like this: A dining room reduced from $ 60,000 to $ 30,000 paid down over a 24-month period with 14.9% interest, comes to a total of $ 35,836. However, if you use a regular credit card with an interest rate of 21.99% and pay down over the same time, the total comes to $ 37,955. If you pay with the Fastpay card, you can save more money on sales than if you pay with a traditional credit card.


Plan big purchases – save even more

Plan big purchases - save even more

Black Friday, January sales, spring sales, autumn sales and the stores’ own sales campaigns – the opportunities to make some really good bargains are many. It can therefore be worthwhile not only to think about what to buy, but also when to buy it. When the need for something new arises, find out if there is any sales on it in the near future. If you pay with the Fastpay card, you have more freedom to plan your purchases based on when there are good deals on what you need.


Buy it when you need it

Buy it when you need it

Life is unpredictable – and some unforeseen things can have greater financial consequences than others. Suddenly, the water heater can smoke and cause you a little water damage in the bathroom. However, when you have to buy a new water heater and get a handyman to fix the damage, might it have been practical to take the long-awaited upgrade of the bathroom fixture in the same tub? With Fastpay Mastercard you can take everything at the same time, instead of having to take the water heater for a month, fix the water damage the next and then take tile tile when you can. In addition to making it all cheaper to do all the crafts together, you can also enjoy the new bathroom much earlier, and with the Fastpay card you get significantly lower expenses than if you had chosen another credit card. Are you also looking into finding a new hot water heater,

Sometimes it is most beneficial to be able to take it at your convenience, whether you need a new tiling before the summer, new windows before the fall or a new dining table before Christmas. Paying with the Fastpay card gives you the freedom to decide for yourself when the upgrades will happen and get things in place when you need it, rather than having to wait until the full amount is saved.


Flexibility to shop whenever and wherever you want


With Fastpay Mastercard you have full flexibility to shop in stores or online stores both in Norway and abroad, making it easier for you to buy what you need. In the online bank at Lightline Bank you always get a complete overview of the balance and transactions, which gives you good control over both the repayment time and the total cost.

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