What if the bank refuses us a loan?

Unfortunately, although the offers of banks literally attack us from every side, both in the press and on television, it is usually not easy to meet all the conditions and formalities that are imposed on us, and this in turn distances us from the desired cash injection in the form of credit . Most often the biggest problem for a potential borrower is his lack of creditworthiness, lack of employment contract, or irregular payments to the account.


What to do when the bank refused us a loan and we need the money badly?

What to do when the <a href=bank refused us a loan and we need the money badly?” />

Contrary to appearances, there are many possibilities and we are not completely without a chance to receive a financial injection.

Payday loans are undoubtedly a way to get cash quickly . This type of loan can be taken both traditionally at a stationary point, as well as via the Internet – online. Payday loans are an extremely convenient and quick way to raise money. Using an online loan, we can have cash on our account even within a few minutes.

It is an ideal solution for people who are in temporary financial trouble and are confident that they will be able to get up quickly. The payday repayment deadline is from 30 to 60 days, sometimes with the option of extending the repayment after paying the extension costs.

Some payday loans companies offer their potential clients loans for zero zlotys. In this way, we can borrow up to PLN 2,000, giving back only the loan amount, without any additional costs.


Social loans

Social loans

Social loans are another option available to anyone who needs to have quick access to the cash they need. These types of loans have been present on our domestic financial market for several years and are constantly gaining popularity, especially among investors.

Social loans are beneficial for both the indebted person and the private investor. They consist in the fact that a private person lends us a certain amount of money at a certain percentage, which is attractive to us and to her. We can get a social loan much faster than a bank loan.

Interestingly, if we already have this type of commitment, then it will be much easier for us to obtain a new loan, because we will already have the status of a trusted and reliable customer.


Long-term non-bank loan

Long-term non-bank loan

A long – term non – bank loan is another way to quickly get the cash you need. Apart from payday loans, it is another method for borrowing more money, without having to apply for a bank loan. In the case of long-term non-bank loans, we can borrow a larger amount and spread the repayment into several or several installments.

This type of loan can be found both at stationary outlets and on many websites. Most companies do not require proof of earnings or proof of permanent employment. In addition, an unblemished opinion in BIK is also not required.


Car loan

Car loan

Other methods of obtaining cash quickly are car loans or leasing loans.

In the case of a car lien, we can use it only when our car is no longer of interest to the bank. Thanks to the car loan, we can get quite a good amount of money at a fairly attractive interest rate.

In turn, the leasing loan is intended for those who run their own business or, exceptionally, for farmers who do not run a business.

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